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Best Web Series and Film investment proposal

Web Series and Film investment proposal for Investors, Sponsors and Actor/Actress

Best Investment planning 2020

The 18+ Entertainment Youtube Project Policies and Terms

Dear Sir/Madam

As a Director and Founder of and The 18 + Entertainment Youtube Channel wish you be best your health and wealth from bottom of my heart.

Here by I want to propose you about healthy investment for my You tube programme The 18+ Entertainment where I show my clear vision of work on this channel with income procedure.

I want to propose you that you should come as a Financer, Producer, Artist, and Sponsor for contributing in my Channel The 18+ Entertainment.

As per our income procedure and terms & Conditions we will work together for long time. If you are interested so please read our programme Policies and Terms.

Making and Earning Procedure

• We have good team for Film and web series making and planning ( Writer, Director, Cinematographers,  Actors/actress, photographers, Editors, sound designer, technicians, studios, make-up artists, lyrics writers etc.) Who are very professionals and active.

• We make videos for you tube channel, although we started new you tube channel The 18+ Entertainment where we will do works as I cleared above. There we need financial contribution as per Story demands.
• So we declare every week 2 projects for making Youtube Projects.  If you want to join any project as a investor. Then after making of project we will promote together the project on all social sides.  Our company will do marketing on YouTube also through SEO or google Advertisement. Then our channel will go in ranking in youtube as per You tube algorithm.

Investment and profit plan

• Getting more views the invested video will be monetized with google adsense programme and the project will start earning with google adsense. For these process, first time it take some time 3 to 6 month. If you join in starting of 3 to 6 month you will get 50% of profit shares for selected project for 48 Months as a 100% investor.
• If you have invested 100% then your profit we 50% of total earning the project for 36months. And you will get extra fam or name as a producer,  co-producer.
• When your investment will be 50% of the project's total budget you will get 30% for 30 months. Additional fame or name in the project will be mentioned as co-producer.
• If you are a sponsor then our channel will branding your products as title sponsor, powered by or presented by only for the selected project.
• Starting Sponsor contribution will be 40% of  total budget of selected project. Your ad will be shown for 45 second max. After starting  of 2 min project's duration with making in our production. In project video description you ad details or website will be mentioned for life time.
• If join the 18+ Entertainment as a sponsor with our project and you have your own ad video(duration 45second max.) for showing in project then sponsor price will we 30% of total budget of selected project. Your ad will be shown after 1 min of  starting of project video duration. Even your Product details will be shown in video description for life time.
• If you are joining as fresher Artist and wants to show your talent as a actor/actress in lead role for selected project, your contribution should be 50% of total budget. Here you will get only name and fam as lead artist.
• If you Join our any project as a fresher artist for lead role and you pay total budget of project, there you will be mentioned in project as a Co-Producer and earn 30% share of  total profit of the project for 24 months.

Terms & Conditions to join our projects

• Your total invested amount will be included with your % (shares) of profit. And it will not refundable after making the project.
• The 18+ Entertainment will do agreement with investors or Artist as per Copyright act and short film and feature  Investment act of India. It can be also adjusted by MU.
• If you will join any project as a 100% investor in first period (starting 3 to 6 month) of launching our channel profit will be shared for first 36 months from the project.
• 50% investor will get 30% of profit for  years.
• Signing for the project investor has to pay 30% of decided investment and profit plan. And rest of amount should be paid during of the project making.
• Sponsor video will not be any part of investment and profit share plan its all authority will be based out of the project plan. But it will be shown in the project.
• If you will invest, for long duration then your profite share will be deducted 5% for every extra year of Investment and profit sharing plan.
• One Investor can invest in our maximum projects as per his/her capacity.
• For fresher artist who want to get lead role as per story demand , after payment for project he/she will not be refunded.
• Every month Adsense earning reports of the project will be shared to the project investors.
• As per investment and profit sharing plan plan investor's revenue will be transferred to their Bank account according to adsense report.
• Production and technician will be planed by the 18+ pluse Entertainment.
• Minimum and maximum budget will be decided according to the  project.
• All tyep of promotional activities for the project will done by the 18+ Entertainment but Investors can share the project which are invested by them everywhere on social sites for getting more views to the project that can help to earn more.

Please read carefully our all policies before signing the project.

• Note: The 18+ Entertainment can change it's policies and terms conditions according to Adsense or youtube algorithms for new or current investors.

Contact for more information +91 6356756425


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